Seaboard Composite Panels




Due to its advanced formulation, CPG Seaboard and Seaboard Lite is the most rigid and dimensionally stable HDPE (composite) product available. A unique pre-production treatment gives every sheet the enhanced ability to resist the harmful effects of salt water, moisture and direct sunlight (UV degradation). Seaboard gets its superior strength and toughness because it's manufactured as a continuous extrusion - not press laminated - so there are no structural weak spots where delamination could occur. Because the sheets are extruded, they are stress relieved and tend to stay much flatter and stable than other composite panels.


Grip-X is manufactured with a special surface treatment and stipulated pattern to achieve a slip resistant surface as compared with the standard surface and other high density polyethylene marine grade products.


Seaboard is available in different specifications:


        1) Full Density: Solid all the way through for when you need that nice

            clean edge with excellent surface quality. As a standard feature, the

            Full Density panels are UV stabilized for maximum performance.


        Features and Benefits:

            Stability Seaboard is stress relieved and UV stabilized specifically

                            for harsh marine environments.

            Strength Seaboard is the toughest marine high density polyethylene

                            (HDPE) available on the market.

            Inert Seaboard is impervious to the salt and moisture on boats.

            Thermal resistance Seaboard has a high heat distortion

                            temperature to resist "softening".

            Hardness Seaboard resists scratching better the the other marine

                            polymers. Food Safe Seaboard sheets meet FDA

                            requirements for use in applications where they may come

                            in contact with food.

            Consistency Seaboard sheet are extruded and exhibit consistent

                            color and dimensional characteristics.


            Grip XSeaboard is also available with a custom "Grip X" surface

                            and composition that makes the material perform as a

                            "non slip" surface.


        2) Lite - The same quality surface, but with a "foamed" center that

                    reduces weight from the panel. This product is noticeably

                    less expensive than the Full Density, so it is an excellent

                    alternative when you don't need that perfect edge. This

                    panel is also UV stabilized.


        Features and Benefits:

            Inert Seaboard Lite is inert in marine environments and is not

                    affected by moisture and most cleaning chemicals.

            Toughness Seaboard Lite is made from the same tough high density

                    polyethylene (HDPE) as our standard grade of Seaboard.

            Moisture resistance Seaboard Lite is resistant to moisture and it will

                    not rot or swell in moist environments.

            Light Seaboard Lite is 30% lighter than standard high density

                    polyethylene (HDPE)


        3) Utility - Our Utility Grade is a high quality HDPE panel that is

                    produced specifically for unexposed applications where a

                    composite substrate is the product of choice. Excellent for

                    upholstery, below deck applications, and anyplace else you

                    want to replace wood with composite. This panel is also

                    "foamed" and offers a consistent surface on 2 sides.



        Features and Benefits:

            Lightweight Seaboard Utility is a foam core product that is 30%

                    lighter than standard high density polyethylene (HDPE).

            Economical Seaboard Utility is the economical choice for

                    non-exposed marine applications.

            Strength Seaboard Utility is extruded high density polyethylene

                    (HDPE) and is inherently strong.

            Moisture resistant Seaboard Utility will not rot, peel or crack in

                    moist environments.


Seaboard is Currently Available in the following colors:

        1. Full Density - Polar White, Seafoam, Artic White and Panama White.

        2. Lite - Polar White and Seafoam.

        3. Utility - Light Grey.


        In the Full Density and Lite, special colors are available with very

        reasonable minimum quantities. In the Utility Grade, special colors

        are available in larger quantities that might be prohibitive. Please

        discuss your needs with us and we might be able to put together

        a stock program for you.


Seaboard is available in widths of 48" or 54" with custom availability up to 63". Standard lengths are at 96", but there is no manufacturing limit on the length because the product is extruded. If you require a panel at a custom length to improve your yield, let us know.


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